Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Good Morning all, as you can tell by my title today . . . it is HOT here! The temps are to reach into the mid 90's with almost 100% humidity . . . the HEAT INDEX to reach 105 degrees. Yes, you can almost cut the heat and humidity with a knife! It is absolutely Miserable Outside! Praise God for the Air Conditioning! Our home is nice and cool . . . we have taken measures to assure the heat won't penetrate through our large windows on the back of our home . . . we installed the solar shades by Smith and Noble.

This is a photo from their online catalog: They are absolutely gorgeous and work wonderfully at taking the heat off of a room! Easy installation and simplicity.

I will try to post a picture of my family room with the solar shades sometime this week.

We will probably have the kids out swimming again tonight . . . it is simply too hot to sit poolside while watching them swim . . . No, I do not get into a bathing suit unless under complete cover of darkness!

The chores in the house are minimal today . . . boy was I sore last night! Today we will dust mop the upstairs, tidy all of the boys' rooms and clean the boys' bathroom. We also have a few loads of laundry to do today, but nothing like the 10 or so we usually have. We are trying hard to stay ahead of the game on laundry. The gold fish bowl needs cleaning too, we want happy fish!!!

I have a nail appointment this afternoon ~~~ of which I will totally enjoy! Love them ~~ so relaxing.

The boys are staying busy today with Legos . . . gotta love those things!

Well, I better get to it around here - the coffee is done and I need to get my shower.


Mimi said...

Sorry to hear it's hot and miserable there! It's just starting to warm up here. We had June Gloom, and now it seems to be over. It may get up to 80 today, hot for the kids since they are outdoors at tennis camp.
Stay inside and soak up that wonderful ac!
I love your solar shades. My husband wants to put them in our bedrooms upstairs, since the really get hot in the summer. Have a fun day!

Kelli said...

It is the humidity that gets to me! Yuck. I would love a pool out back, that would get me through the heat.

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