Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do Your Kids Barter?

Do your children barter you to be obedient? This has become a "new" thing in our home. Our oldest son will be 7 in September and has taken to . . . I will be obedient if you will let me . . . . - can you even believe it? This morning I told him to leave our 5lb dog alone . . . more than one time. Then I said, Fine since you cannot obey you will not go and visit with Uncle S today. (He loves to be with Uncle S) He didn't like my response! The next words out of his mouth, "I will obey you now if you let me go to Uncle S's today." Excuse Me? I don't recall opening up my decision to a barter! My response back to him, No - you chose to disobey several times. You will not go and I don't want to hear anymore about it.

I don't recall being allowed to continually bug my Mom over and over when she told me no or grounded me from an event. No meant No and there weren't any questions or bartering about it.

I am sure that as we go through summer this year, my children will continue to bring "spice" to my life.

How about you . . . do your children try to barter? Do they ask you a gazillion times for something or to do something you have said no about?


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I must have your son's long-lost twin in my home! Mine just turned 7, and we're dealing with...you guessed it...bartering.

What?! You're right, nobody ever even thought of bartering in my home when I was growing up. When did this become okay?

To add to the problem, he is our oldest and the other little eyes and ears are just taking it ALL in. I tell ya, if we get Dylan figured out and under control, the rest should be a breeze.

Kelli said...

I was NOT allowed to do that as a child. No meant no! Jamison used to try and do that...ask over and over and then I learned to say, if you ask me again the answer is no and I meant it. Stopped that pretty fast.

Jenny said...

Yep that sounds like my son and it drives me nuts. We got the look when I was little and you knew the discussion was over. My son is oblivious to the look as hard as I try staring him down he continues to talk to me about what he wants.

Jeanette said...

We totally did that! You must have blocked it from your memory :}

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