Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do You Hear the Lawn Mowers? It is Saturday!

I write today sitting out on our covered deck outside our Master Bedroom. The breeze is blowing gently and there is just something relaxing about the breeze blowing my hair as I type. The neighbors are busy with mowing their lawns ~ the sound of mowers in stereo. My dogs are all with me, enjoying this beautiful sunny day.

This past week was stormy in my part of the country . . . many storm watches and warnings were sounded.  We had torrential rain AND deadly lightning yesterday afternoon through evening.
I love the sound of a summer storm!

This morning has been a bit laid back - which I love. The laundry has been started and I have scrubbing bubbles doing their thing in my bathtub.

The landscaping fellas were busy ripping apart the backyard this week . . . rather looks like a mud slide gone wrong! This next week footings for stone walls will be poured and large stones should be set. I am happy to report that unlike the house renovation/addition, this project should be completed within 32 1/2 days . . . 2 1/2 days down!

The kids are excited that they will be out swimming in the pool again this afternoon. My little fish love the pool! Daddy is working on a few pool updates today in our pool/pump house. The heater was wonderful this year and brought that pool temp right up to warm so the kids can really enjoy it. I have taken tons of photos and will probably take hundreds more this summer. I love to have photo books of the various seasons and special occasions. I love to use Shutterfly to get the job done!

Please pray for Adrienne and Jim . . . baby Braxton was born the other day and the plan was for Adrienne and Jim to adopt him. The birth mom is having second thoughts . . . please pray for the birth mom to gain the peace that she needs to see this adoption through. Please also pray for Adrienne and Jim to keep the faith! God works miracles!  


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Kelli said...

I love the sound of lawn mowers going. My hubby cut the grass just yesterday! Hope the landscaping gets finished soon.

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