Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yes, the day is ending once again . . . I am plopped on the sofa with my laptop. I am tired - no nap today and my Harmony Smurf was awake at 5:00 a.m. YIKES!!!

My eyes are tired and starting to get those tired eye tremors, so this post might just be short.

I haven't posted to the Private blog today - maybe tomorrow when I have pictures to post with it.

I made a yummy roast for tonight's dinner - can you believe that I forgot to turn the oven to more than just warm for the veges? Good ole microwave to the rescue! I can't believe I only set it to warm! Duh!

My family is all enjoying their "smurf" names for the blog. I tease with them and call my hubs Papa Smurf - well, he is short! ha ha

Greedy Smurf tried to pull a quick one while writing his sentences . . . He was to write, "I will not lie or steal" - can you believe he figured out that he can just draw long lines down the page for the "l" letters? Well, although I am proud that he figured this shortcut out, I didn't allow him to do that. The punishment was to write it, not figure out how to get out of it. He had to re-write those sentences that he "cheated" on. He actually became more like "grumpy Smurf!"

Reporter Smurf did very well today with his boo hooing . . . he has tendency to really carry on if told he cannot do something or must do something he either wants to do or doesn't want to do. One mention of writing sentences and it clears up the attitude! He has had to write twice and remembers it isn't much fun.

Jokey Smurf has had a bit of a rough week . . . being almost seven he thinks he should be allowed to do what he wants regardless if Mommy or Daddy say it is o.k. or not. He too could be dubbed "grumpy smurf" this weekend.

Harmony Smurf is working on potty training. He made a Huge Statement today . . . "I not big enough to poopie on the big potty!" Hmmmm I keep reassuring myself that he will be potty trained by kindergarten, but more than likely NOT for Preschool in the Fall.

Painter Smurf went to my sister's house this afternoon to watch her munchkins . . . . they love it when she comes to watch them. Painter Smurf loves to watch them . . . they do up her hair and everything.

Papa Smurf stayed busy around the house . . . not much help in the way of Smurf duty though! It was I that was the referee, boxing coach, policeman, teacher, song leader, teacher, writing instructor, chef . . . you get the picture.

Tomorrow we are back to household duties . . . I do have a get away in the early afternoon - Nail appointment! Yippee!

Time to say g'night all . . . sleep well.

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