Monday, August 25, 2014

Midnight - Thirty, Stuff, Food and Ding Ding

So . . .

It is Midnight-thirty, Katelyn and I are still up, everyone else is in bed.

There were things that needed tended before we head to bed, so we tackled them together.

  • Laundry is running in both washers.
  • Dishes are washed.
  • Counter tops have been wiped.
  • Spilled popcorn has been cleaned up.
  • The dining table has been cleared and washed.
  • Lunches for tomorrow are made and in the fridge.
  • The cars are loaded with extra school must haves for our classes this week.
The boys made popcorn tonight and were asked to clean up after . . .
hmmmm, must have "slipped" their minds . . . all of them.

* * * * *
My mind is thinking of fun menu items for dinner this week. I was browsing Pinterest and came across these:


Avocado Pasta

Grilled Caprese Sandwich

* * * * *

Three years ago today, we buried my sweet Aunt Darlene.
Our "Ding Ding"
I miss her.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feeling a Bit Like a Farm and Country Kind of Gal!

Busy, busy day in our kitchen/pantry today. Today we were busy "putting up fruits and veggies" to freeze. We accomplished quite a bit and I am thrilled! Our fridge, freezers and pantry are basically getting an interior face lift during our conversion to eating clean and fresh. 

I have wanted to purchase a good vacuum sealer for quite some time and finally decided on the Ary Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Today was the first time we used it, and I am thoroughly convinced it is amazing!



We also accomplished corn on the cob, apples, grapes, chard and kale. We are so excited because we know we will be able to enjoy these fresh foods during the winter! From what I understand, using this vacuum system the foods taste just as good as they did before they were frozen. Can't wait to try them during the cold winter months! I have to say, they are ultra yummy now!

I must say, I feel a bit like a farm and country kind of gal! Maybe my inner Caroline Ingalls. O.k. so Caroline didn't have the convenience of a vacuum sealer, or electricity for that matter . . . I am just the newer modern version! lol

I think back to those mamas and grandmas that canned fruits and veggies during those hot, hot summer months. Sweating over steaming pots, preserving jams and jellies, baking bread . . . they were amazing and sacrificial women.

Such a beautiful and very colorful pantry!

I know this lady appears to be fresh as a daisy and probably not the one that canned up all of these delicious veggies. I simply loved the oldish fashioned photo.

God Grown, Not Processed

About a month ago, I decided to make a HUGE change in our eating "style". We had been eating the regular junkie All American Diet . . . plenty of meat, processed foods, quick fixes, you know the foods. I knew we could all do better in the choosing better food to put in our bodies, so I presented a new idea (for us) to my family one evening. 

We had all sat down to dinner and I began a little conversation. I mentioned all of the processing our foods go through before we purchase and then eat them. I explained that so many things on the labels we cannot even pronounce, let alone know what they are. Our Country processes and sells foods that other countries would never allow. Foods are so UN-healthy but most of the time we think nothing of it. Many have the opinion that if it is o.k.'d by the powers to be in government, that it must be o.k. BUT IT ISN'T! The foods we as a nation are consuming are not the foods God has provided us and it is taking a HUGE toll on the health of Americans.

So, we as a family made a HUGE decision . . . Eat Clean!

1. Eat fresh as much as we can.
2. Eat green - dark green veges.
3. Eat foods we had rarely or never eaten.
4. Limit meat meals to two a week.
5. Eat plenty of fruits and veges.
6. Limit fast foods - pizza once in a blue moon.
7. Juice yummy veggies and fruits.
8. Eat whole grains.
9. No sugar, white flour
10. If you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't buy it.

Everyone was excited to begin and we haven't looked back. The boys help prepare fruits and veggies to juice and then help with the juicing process. 

The boys were amazed at how wonderful air popped popcorn is! They couldn't believe Mommy and Daddy enjoyed our popcorn that way as kids . . . in the dark ages!

Tomorrow we will be preparing peaches to be vacuum sealed and frozen to enjoy this winter. We are also looking forward to getting extra produce to vacuum seal and freeze. My goal is for our freezers to be full of yummy God grown foods and little to no processed foods.

I have heard my family comment more than a few times . . . "This is REALLY good. I am so glad we eat HEALTHY now, Aren't YOU Mom?" The answer to that question is a resounding Yes!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I really don't have a title!

Post I forgot to finish on August 18 . . .

The day is ticking away . . . we are all home today, except Daddy who is at work.

The boys have played outside and Cameron was stung by a bee. He is doing fine - Benadryl to the rescue. They worked a few Highlight pages and now are watching a few minutes of Sponge Bob. In a few minutes, we will put in the dvd Roughing it - Mark Twain. I also want to begin reading the kids The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Katelyn is busy "juicing". The juicer is busy making its "munching" sounds. We really should come up with a name for it.

I have several books I want to read in the next few months . . .

Post for Today . . .

Our day began pretty laid back. We homeschooled at home this morning and had a great visit with friends and swimming this afternoon. The boys were good at staying on task so they could have a great time this afternoon.

Of course little things come up as did this morning in our little homeschool. Ryan's computer had completed an update and it wouldn't connect to internet at all. Not good when all of his classes are online. His computer had updated and "took out files" so the computer simply would not do what was needed to connect. So . . .
I thought for a second and then told him to get his ipad.

Ta Da . . .

Happy Seventh Grader!

Ryan is using Switched On School House . . .

AND he loves, loves, loves it! (and so does this mama!)

Cameron, Evan and Cody are loving their HISTORY! I couldn't be more excited for them. They are currently using Veritas Press Explorers to 1815 curriculum. It is amazing and I love to hear them giggle, laugh, learn and answer the questions. The curriculum for this class is online and is very interactive.

Click on History.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Keeping My Guardian Angels Alert!

Quick lil' "You Won't Believe This" kind of story.

My Mom and I had been teasing each other this past week about how our Guardian Angels really have to be on guard around us . . . you just never know WHAT we are going to get ourselves into. Well, tonight My Guardian Angels were scratching their heads once again and possibly even asking God if I was "for real".

It was about dinner time, Katelyn was making dinner. Randy, EJ and Cody were upstairs watching television. Ryan was hanging out upstairs and Cameron and I had just finished tidying the pantry. I brought Cody's Emergency Bag to my desk to check the expiration dates on the EPI pens in the Bag that hangs in our pantry. I immediately found that we needed to discard them and replace with the new prescription that was on our pantry shelf. 

Generally, we discharge the expired EPI pen into a piece of fruit that has grown a bit old and then throw it away. Katelyn gave me a lemon to use for the two EPI pen discharges tonight. It was then that I thought, Cody has practiced with the training pens, I should let him set this EPI pen off into a lemon so if he needed to use one, he would be prepared a little more. 

Cody came to the kitchen and I explained about the expired EPI pen and told him we were going to pretend the lemon was his thigh and he was going to push it into the lemon to discharge it. At first Cody simply set the EPI pen end against the lemon. I stopped him and reminded him that he needed to hold it away from the lemon and then kind of thrust it into the lemon just as he would his thigh. So, he pulled back a bit and went after that lemon like there was no tomorrow. He did a great job of setting off the EPI pen and there is NO doubt that he could take care of it, IF the need arises. 

However . . .

Cody didn't actually hit the lemon . . . Instead, it was my thumb! The needle went in, hit the bone of my thumb and projected out the side of my thumb. Immediately I felt the epinephrine, my thumb instantly went numb and ice cold. Within seconds my hands began shaking and I knew I needed to have the boys interrupt Randy from his show. Cody began crying . . . I felt so bad as it was truly an accident. Katelyn immediately asked what she should do and Randy came quickly down the stairs. My thumb was bleeding badly, so I put pressure on it and then looked up accidental EPI injection. All information directed us to head to the ER. So, off we went.

Once at the registration desk, my blood pressure was immediately taken, as well as my oxygen level and temperature. The back to the ER we went. More blood pressure checks, an EKG and heart monitoring. By this time, I was a bit warm, my heart was beating pretty fast (I could feel it) and I was feeling the adrenaline rush. I was asked multiple times what had happened, as I suppose it was a rarity. The doc finely came in and looked at my thumb. He was amazed at my account of what happened and told me that we needed to make sure my thumb had good color and recovered from the injection. Apparently, there could be some pretty nasty consequences from getting the epi in/near the bone. The doc told us I would be there for two hours so I could be monitored closely for signs of heart issues, trouble breathing and even for my T2 Diabetes to act up. 

Randy and I chatted the time away . . . I kept in touch with Katelyn and the boys, my sisters and my parents, it helped the time to go by. I also snapped a few photos . . .

In through the top . . .

And . . .
Out through the side

My hubs came along and was looking at pistols on his iphone.
He found some really nice ones!

Now don't laugh . . .
and don't judge . . .
Gray is showing through,
Zero makeup
and Hospital Attire . . .
at least the gown was not see through or paper!

I was laying in an awkward position.

I need a pedicure!
My feet mottled a bit from all of the "fun".

Finally, my vitals were just about normal - my heart was still beating a tad fast, but all else was great.

The hospital staff were awesome!

When we were leaving I mentioned to Randy . . .
"Wow, can you believe we were together for two hours without the kids!?" Hmmmm maybe next time we can plan a better "date".

We arrived home and I received hugs from the kids . . .
boys that wanted to SEE my thumb . . .
and a relaxing evening.

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