Monday, March 2, 2015

Dinner from the Pantry . . . One Pot Dish

Tonight's dinner  . . . Compliments of my pantry and freezer!

We always cook more than we need so we will have plenty of leftovers. With four growing boys, it is always a challenge to keep them filled up. Easy quick grabs from the fridge works great for them.

So, tonight we will enjoy:

Penne Pasta
Pasta Sauce 
Polish sausage
Parmesan cheese
Peas (yes peas, trying to sneak in a little green!)

Cook the pasta in water with salt and a little olive oil. Drain water. Add in sliced polish sausage, peas and parmesan cheese - stir. I put this in a large casserole dish and let cook in the oven so I don't have to fuss over it. We will then sprinkle a little shredded cheese and melt in the last 15 minutes of cook time.

Dinner rolls will accompany this yummy pasta dish.

Later this week I will roast a big ole turkey . . . oh the left overs!


Do you struggle?

That is quite a question, isn't it? That question can open up an entire spectrum of answers. The first part of that answer is probably Yes, I struggle but the second part varies by person. Everyone struggles with something. 

Now for a little confession . . . I struggle. There, I said it. It is true, I struggle and most of the time it is daily. The causes from day to day may change, but there are real struggles every day.

Turning 50 has its ups and downs, mostly ups for me. The down . . . the dreaded Menopause. I have to tell you, it can be a very hard struggle to keep things chill when you are in the midst of the "pause". Frustration, irritability, shortness with others . . . it can be horrible and nasty! 

For those times I am feeling especially irritable, it is time for me to get alone for a while and take a few minutes to myself.

Another cause of the "struggle" is not enough sleep, of which I am guilty. There are nights, regardless of the oil I use, or the go to sleep techniques I try, I simply cannot go to sleep. Last night was one of those nights. I didn't find sleep until after 4 a.m. 

I truly believe I am also suffering from cabin fever. I am totally ready for the snow to go away and the green to make its appearance. It has certainly been a long, long winter.

A little encouragement for today:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Themed Bathrooms

Themed Bathrooms?

Yes, you are reading this correctly . . . no typos. 

Themed Bathrooms.

The first time I encountered a "Themed Bathroom" was several years ago in my sister Jeanette's house. Her 1/2 bath was snowman themed and adorable. Since that time, I have always thought it was a fun idea to "theme" the bathroom, but have only recently began this little trend in my home.

I began with our 1/2 bath that is located by our mud room, laundry room and garage. This bathroom is our "Memories" bathroom. I love how it came together with beautiful photos of my family.

The photos of the kids when they were younger makes me smile every time I am in this room.

Now onto the 1/2 bath between the library and kitchen.

In the process of remodeling our 1/2 bath on the main floor of our home. Randy has the tile on the walls (all that remains is the grout), the flooring is done, the walls have been painted (little touch up remains), potty is back in place, cabinet and sink are in place, I have hung photos where I want them and now Randy can grout the walls (pictures will be removed, but the nails will be in place). I can't wait to have it all cleaned up and put everything in place. I love a "new" design and incorporating old with new decor. 

For this bathroom, we chose beautiful stone for two of the walls and we love it. Once the tile was up, I used the Sherwin Williams app to help me choose a paint color. I settled on a beautiful brown and it looks amazing.

The decor for this bathroom was simple for me . . . photos galore! 

My flash wouldn't take No for an answer . . . so the tile wall is shining a bit on the painted wall. The photos have not been "museum puttied" so they don't move, so don't judge on the weird spacing. Adjustments will be made this week when Randy is finished with the renovation of this room. I can't wait!

In the mean time, I took a few photos tonight with my cell phone, so the color is not exact in the photos, but it gives you an idea of the "theme".

I made the framed photos through and Love them! I hung the Moon frame  high enough that I can put a few tall pretties on the back of the toilet stool. 

The wall you cannot see, is not ready to be viewed . . . can't wait to show you when it is all complete . . . sorry, but you will have to wait!

Boys, Dogs and Snow

Fresh Snow + Boys and Puppies = Fun!

 Ryan, Cameron, EJ and Seeley Booth


Knox enjoying the snow on the deck.

 Knox and brother's MONSTER gloves.

Knox flying high!

Now they are all in . . .
hot chocolate time.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dads and Diaper Changes

I am thankful we are way past the baby diaper era in our house. Don't get me wrong, I love babies . . . but I am rejoicing that my babies are growing up.

I came across this funny video of Diaper Changing by dads.

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